I would personally like to thank Sean and his crew for a great party!!! Kids had a blast! We are looking forward to our next party...2016!
Scott Clark
My son had a BLAST!!!! The crew was great at helping the ones who weren't sure how to play and the truck was rocking from the dance party! What a fun birthday party for my 6 year old!
Alyssa A
Dear RVG:
My apologies for not writing sooner. Last week was a busy week and I got behind on my emails and I wanted to make sure I put some time into this one.

The party was a huge success. I can't thank you enough. Rolling Video Games delivered in every way. The big fear is wondering if the entertainment will come. I did not have that fear with Rolling Video Games. I took a risk by using Rolling Video Games since I had no personal reference; it was a google search that lead me to your company. I was intrigued by your website and the testimonials I read. However, what enabled me to take the risk was your professionalism. You were so responsive throughout the entire party planning process. You sent confirmations, receipts, and even a reservation reminder before the party. What I really appreciated was your willingness to put a temporary hold on an event date and time while I sorted out the various spring sports' schedules of some of my son's closet friends to ensure that they would be able to come to his party. This was a huge help. You didn't pressure me and were flexible and I appreciated that very much.

Your professionalism just continued throughout the day of the party. You arrived well in advance of the guests. My husband and I enjoyed watching our son's excitement as the BIG mobile video games vehicle rolled into the driveway. When the Games Coach brought out the huge binder loaded with every video game you can imagine, our son's face just lit up. He really enjoyed being able to pick out the games he wanted to be played at his party. You had everything.

The Games Coach, Lucas, was amazing with the kids. He was 17 so he was very in tune with what the kids like to play. He was like a great camp counselor. He was in control. He connected with the kids immediately. He keep the party fun and moving along. He had a great attitude. He was flexible and made game changes at the right times. When the girl guests arrived, he changed one of the screens to Dance Revolution. When I peeked inside the vehicle, a group of boys and girls were doing Dance Revolution and having a great time. The vehicle was literally rocking. Safely rocking!.
In addition to the Game Coach, you were there for the entire time of the party as well. You had a great pulse on the party and new when to look inside and when to bring anyone outside who might need a break. You did this in the most low key and unobtrusive way. I never felt that you were rushing to move on to the next event. When Rolling Video Games was there for our party, you were truly there and present and not going through the motions.

I got a lot of positive feedback from the parents and kids about how much fun Jeffrey's birthday party was.

Henri, thank you so much for making this day so special and memorable for Jeffrey. Thank you for following through and delivering on everything you said Rolling Games Video would do. Please feel free to use me as a reference. You can also use a quote from this email as a testimonial. I just ask that you do not use my full name. You can say Susan from Scarsdale, NY.

I will also send an email to my friend Amy D. who is a party planner. I will tell her about the positive experience we had with your company and also mention that you are looking for someone to do party favors in chocolate. I will give her your contact info.

Again, my apologies in getting this email out to you so late.

I hope you had another busy weekend.

Best regards,
Susan M